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about us

True to the family cooking traditions in Dominican Republic, Ana and Hector always dreamed of having their own restaurant in their new hometown Greer, SC. Hector and Ana Batista both born in the Dominican Republic moved to the United States in their early teen years.


Hector graduated from NYIT with an associate in culinary arts and from The Art Institute of Atlanta, B.S. in Hospitality Management, and MBA from Argosy University. He worked as an executive chef for twenty years and has been working in the hospitality industry for the last thirty years. Ana graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration and has over ten years of experience in management.


Ana’s mom cooking flavors and passion for food inspired tacos & mas. The business philosophy is to provide authentic Latin flavors, fresh tasty food and highest level of service in a local neighborhood atmosphere where everyone is welcome.


tacos & mas strives for culinary excellence by paying close attention to the source and quality of ingredients. A dining experience like no other with authentic Latin flavors, homemade tortillas and a great selection of imported Latin beers and wines.




Hector & Ana Batista